Alternative/Post Rock

Fort Wayne, IN

Tuesday Atlas as a musical endeavor began in the mid-2010’s as the passion project of our vocalist and guitarist Dakota Boggs, writing songs and melodies in his bedroom and playing open mic nights in Columbia City, Indiana. After multiple evolutions in line-up and sound, Tuesday Atlas became a 4-piece rock outfit in 2019, the year in which we released our EP “Hell Has A Sound.” This record changed how we approached writing our songs, as it began as nothing more than an acoustic collection of songs and turned into something else entirely. Moving forward from there, we decided to really explore emotion through our music – from melancholy and depressive, to energetic and aggressive. We try not to let a particular sound dominate what we write, instead focusing on developing whatever ideas may spring forth from our heads. In this way, we find it hard to really nail down what our own “genre” is, and attempt to just let each track tell the story it wants to tell. Our goal in doing this is to make music that speaks to people in all walks of life.