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Join the team!

Join Our Team

We have some additional roles we need to fill this year for the 2022 fest on a committee level. If any of these volunteer positions interest you, we would love to hear from you! You can email either of our Festival Co-Chairs, Sanee Lombardi,, or Beth McAvoy, Let us know if you have questions about any of the positions.

Volunteer Coordinator:

This volunteer position would lead volunteer operations for the weekend of the festival, areas of responsibility for this position include:

  • Coordinating volunteer recruitment with the marketing committee through social media, and possibly through outreach to different volunteer organizations in the community.
  • Ensuring that registered Middle Waves volunteers receive their discounted or complimentary ticket for the festival.
  • Setting up and overseeing Volunteer Headquarters onsite at the festival, including checking volunteers in and checking on volunteers throughout the festival.

Ticket Coordinator:

This volunteer would act as the liaison between the Parks Department (who manages the Ticketmaster system) and the Middle Waves planning team. Various areas of responsibility for this position include:

  • Create timely reports on the number of tickets sold through Ticketmaster throughout the months leading up to the festival.
  • Coordinating with the sponsorship committee on festival tickets that need to be generated and delivered to the various Middle Waves sponsors.
  • Coordinating with the hospitality committee on festival tickets that need to be generated and delivered to the bands as a part of their festival rider.
  • Acting as the onsite Middle Waves point person for ticketing during the festival.

Parking Coordinator:

This position will work with the logistics team to oversee parking operations of the festival. This position will coordinate with the Logistics committee to:

  • Create and execute the plan for directing traffic throughout the festival weekend.
  • Potentially coordinator with partner businesses to allow for overflow parking in their commercial lots and provide transit to festival grounds.

Social Media Coordinator:

This position on the marketing committee requires strong writing skills to help coordinate posting and planning content for Middle Waves’ social media accounts. Various responsibilities of the position include:

  • Working with the marketing chair and photo team the weekend of the festival to post coverage of the event on the festival’s social media pages.
  • Assisting with copy needs for social media posts leading up to the festival.
  • Attending marketing committee meetings (in-person or virtually).
  • Possibly explore new channels to reach larger audiences.
  • Possibly coordinate with bands to plan and execute artist takeovers leading up to the festival and behind the scenes experiences the weekend of the festival.

Additional Miniwaves Volunteers:

Volunteers for Miniwaves would work with the vibe art installation chair and help with coordinating day-of events and vendors, as well as assisting with longterm planning.

Middle Waves, LLC is a volunteer-run, nonprofit community event. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status organization, and relies on the financial support of local businesses and individuals.