Summer 2021
Electric Works Campus
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The Good Times Movement Manifesto

Welcome the Good Times, Good Times. 

The Good Times Movement is about great weekends full of music, laughter, and friends—new and old. It’s about recognizing that despite our many differences, we have this one commonality—we know a great song can make us feel happy to be alive.

It’s about abandoning our insecurities, our worries, our stressors and our to-do lists to slow time down to a single beat, a high five with your best friend and a cold drink.

We believe that this weekend will provide food for your soul, a canvas for new memories, art through color, rhythm and joy.

We believe that Middle Waves is about creating a whole new family over 20 hours of euphoria, energizing our community with amazing music and taking a break from our crazy lives. TOGETHER!

We believe that life is built through meaningful connections with one another…and you never know when those connections occur. We want you to notice and cherish them.

So go and make a new friend through your shared love of a great song. High five your neighbor. Hug your friends. Smile until your cheeks hurt. Dance your ass off. Beer it forward. Glitter up. Get sweaty and don’t care. Buy cool shit. Get lost in the art. Show kindness. Act from love. Often. Now go.  (Are you still here?) GO!

The Good Times Movement has been launched to celebrate Keith Walters, a man who spread joy wherever he went, never knew a stranger, brought people together and taught everyone who knew him that having fun with family and friends was the most valuable experience in life.