Nashville, TN

Meet Overlook. Four childhood friends who met in a Fort Wayne, Indiana basement and instantly started jamming together. Each went off to different schools. Then the pandemic hit, along with it, confusion, money challenges, extreme uncertainty and a yearning, ineffable desire to be making music and performing on the biggest stages together. After a year of zoom college for Sam, Carson and Jim and having just finished high school for Colin, they each abandoned formal education and moved to Nashville, where they have been living together in a shared house, making a living together playing on Broadway in Honkey Tonk bars, writing and recording songs together with the capable assistance of Scott Rottler, a producer and engineer for Styx, and regularly performing their own sold-out live shows in Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere. With an impeccable work ethic and an irrepressible desire for success, Overlook has honed its sound, and is poised to become one of the next great American rock bands.